Below is a sampling of logo and branding work.

The Mockingbird Society *

The Mockingbird Society’s mission is to transform foster care and end youth homelessness.

Redwood *

Redwood is a real estate company based in California.


Medical Accounts Receivable.

J&J Kettman *

Hand-crafted furniture made with tools and techniques of the 17th and 18th centuries and inspired by the gallery collections of world-famous museums.


Ideation for an organization that provides leadership training to social justice and nonprofit leaders from around the world. When you enrich the soil, things flourish.


Fast, casual, Japanese cuisine located in San Francisco. Namazu is a giant catfish in Japanese mythology who is responsible for earthquakes — and of course, catfish is on the menu.

Noche Tropical

Fundraising dinner and auction identity for Concord International School.

Philips *

21 Years of Multi-Vendor Service Excellence.

Seasons, Harry Race, and White’s *

Sister stores providing medical equipment, pharmacy services and gifts in Alaska, with an emphasis on keeping things local.

*Created while employed by Graphica, Inc.