Plum Creek

Sustainability report

Plum Creek (now merged with Weyerhauser) owns and sustainably manages 6.6 million acres of highly productive forest land in 19 U.S. states. Under the theme, “Every Tree Counts”, this report uses bold numbers and infographics alongside expansive custom forestry photography and text to illustrate three main focal points: a focus on growing healthy forests in perpetual cycles; building a strong workforce and sustaining rural communities; and creating long-term value for stakeholders.

Annual reports

Shown first: “We grow value from…” emphasizes that Plum Creek’s land is valuable for its trees as well as for it’s other resources and uses, which are also carefully managed by the company to ensure proper stewardship and return on investment. “True to our core” uses the metaphor of a trees rings to literally spell out Plum Creek’s values at the center of their organization.

*All work above created while employed by Graphica, Inc.